Portsmouth New Hampshire's West End contains numerous neighborhoods including the Islington Creek area, the Cabot Street Neighborhood and the commercial district which gathers around Plaza 800. The West End boasts parks and playgrounds, homes and Inns, a theatre, hardware store, shops, and many other desirable attractions which cater to the needs of both residents and visitors. When in the West End, you'll be sure to find more than what you came for!
West End's Core Values

The leadership at the West End Business Association would like to put forth the following core values proposal to our West End community. We are the business and thought leaders in our neighborhood and want to utilize this moment as an opportunity to elevate the standards in all of our businesses.

Please review this proposed draft of West End Core Values and join us at the meeting, below, to share your ideas and insight.

The West End Business Association includes local business owners and their employees in a collaboration with West End residents to preserve and promote the unique character of our neighborhood.

There are eight core values that underscore all of the work we do together:

1Local Community
We believe in the preservation, promotion, and elevation of the special community that is the West End of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. All of our work serves to build a robust and accessible community for all. We exist to promote and support local businesses and the interests of West End residents. By strengthening our local neighborhood, we support the sustained success of our City and the greater Seacoast.
The West End Business Association believes that all members of our community should be treated with respect and equality regardless of age, race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, country of origin, or ability. It is our role to work diligently to remove barriers to entry for underrepresented populations.
We recognize, as business leaders, that it is our role to perpetually investigate and improve our ethics in the workplace and our actions in the community and continually strive to evolve to promote a more just and ethical standard.
We believe in treating all community members with respect and courtesy in all of our interactions from interpersonal, to written communication, and participation in social media.
We are committed to continued growth, not just in our businesses and our fields, but as individuals and to seek out opportunities to become more effective participants in our community and the best versions of our selves.
6Safe Work Environment
We believe everyone deserves to work in an environment that is safe, supportive and free from physical danger, environmental hazards, aggression, sexual harassment, intimidation, and coersion. Each of our businesses have a zero tolerance policy for sexual abuse and harassment, racism, and bigotry.
We believe the only way to continue to evolve as a culture is to through self-reflection and taking accountability for our actions, intended or otherwise. We are committed to admitting our mistakes and taking steps to move forward and elevate our community.
We believe in clear, respectful, and honest communication and work hard in all of our interactions to embody that value.

Together, by living the eight Core Values of WEBA, we all contribute to a thriving neighborhood in which we can all live, work, and play.

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