First-time Home Buyers FUN-OH-ONE

First-time Home Buyers FUN-OH-ONE

2016-06-02 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Red Post Realty
Address: 767 Islington Street, Portsmouth, NH, United States

Sick of paying rent or living with mom & dad? We hear you!

If you’ve been considering buying a home and aren’t sure where to start, join our upcoming home buyer’s fun-oh-one! This won’t be your typical seminar with boring lectures and questionable finger sandwiches. We’ll enjoy a night of delicious food, drinks, fun & conversation about the home buying process.

Night Highlights:

Everyone’s Favorite: Free Food! We’ll grab some top notch munchies to indulge in while discussing all things HOME BUYING. YUM!

Hear from Red Post Realty CEO Todd Hudson about what we offer to first time homebuyers and how we leverage the technology you want, exactly how you want it.

AJ from Regency Mortgage will cover mortgage options available to first timers… there are more than you think! Not preapproved yet? Not even sure what that means? NO PROBLEM. AJ will explain the preapproval process to you without putting you to sleep. & Guess what? It’s super easy and FREE!!

Jenn Copp from Red Door Title will discuss the value of title insurance, how it works and the (abbreviated) details of the actual closing process. She gets to be there the day you officially get your keys and pose for your new home Insta post. SAY KEYS!

Whitney, Evan & Owen from Red Post Realty will share the fancy tools provided by Red Post to help you find your dream home. Trust us when we say Zillow will be taking a timeout as you tune into our custom listing alerts.

Nick, Red Post’s Principal Broker, will wrap things up with his infinite words of wisdom (probably by saying GO WILDCATS!) and lead us over to our great neighbors at STREET for a FREE DRINK.

Check out our polls in the discussion section for this event, submit your answers, and join us for the best first time home buyer’s event ever in the history of life!