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Meeting Minutes 6/13/17

West End Business Association Monthly Meeting 6/13/2017


Present: Jonathan Blakeslee, White Heron Tea, Sara Curry, Bikram Yoga, Dan Umbro, Fishnet Media, Jeanne Russell, Portsmouth Center for Yoga and the Arts and Music Together, Mallory Parkington, Mallory Parkington Photography, Steve Mailhot, Dogland, Joanne Burchuk, Lighthouse Physical Therapy, Leo Poisson, Portsmouth Jewelers, Charlotte Hubbard, Sanford Institute for Savings, Campbell Lozuaway-McComsey, STREET, Jesse Ware, Futuro Construction, Marianne Janik, Calli b. Jewelery, Sylvia Olson, Portsmouth Pocket Gardens Tour, Michelle Dowsey-Corgan, Resident/Dogwalker-Sitter, John Corgan, Home Again, Kelly Weinstein, Sweetpea, Amy Baker, Sweetpea, Kate Harris and Keith Tharp, Kate and Keith Photography, Ann Bailey, Portsmouth Community Radio, Kathy Dutch, Greengard Center for Autism, Meg and John Parker, Seacoast Sports Clubs, Becky Vardell, Resident.



Albany Street Crosswalk: Deputy Fire Chief Carl Roediger was recently quoted in the paper opposing the crosswalk after our meeting with Fire Chief Steve Achilles, who was in support of the project. I reached out to Steve this week to clear up the PFD’s opinion on the project. Their main concern is that the street is wide enough for fire trucks. Standard minimum is 11 feet. The project as it stands is at least 12 feet. The PFD is willing to work with the City moving forward to come to consensus on the project.


Westival: Fishnet is happy to help with marketing materials and online promotions. SSC has offered to talk with their landlord about hosting the event in the Malthouse Exchange lot. We also spoke at the last meeting about hosting the event from the West End Studio Theater to the Button Factory. WSCA would do live broadcasting.


If we are going to host the event again this year, we need an event planner and help organizing:




Trash removal

Port-o-potty and handwash station: Futuro Construction will provide.

Alcohol permitting/beer garden?


Please join us at next month’s meet-up:


Tuesday, July 11th at 8 am at White Heron Tea.

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