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WEBA Minutes 8/14/2017

West End Business Association August 14, 2018
Present: Erin Hayes, Ricci Lumber, Jesse Ware Futuro Construction; Catherine Plouffe, Gateway Taiji; Mark Willis, NH Theatre Project; Charlotte Hubbard SIS Bank; Kathy Dutch, GreenGuard Center for Autism; Melissa Lockhart Herold Family Dentistry, Ed Hayes, Ricci Lumber/Clipper Traders, Stephanie Cofrin, All-Plus-One, Monique Shevlin, Signature Title, Krystyna Dudka, Red Post Realty, Wes Tator eXP Realty/Citizen’s Climate Lobby, Connie Freirmuth, Pontine Theater, Joanne Burchuk, Lighthouse Physical Therapy, Karin Meader, I Like That, Keith Tharp, Sustainable Seacoast, Johnathan Blakesee, White Heron Tea and Records; Monica Dorley Rocket Fuel; Sean McDonald Rocket Fuel Only Printing, Kristen Thornton, Great Rhythm Brewing Co, Dan Umbro, Fishnet Media, Steven Bowles, Vizuluxe


  • PORTSMOUTH HERALD ARTICLE—Clipper Traders’ redevelopment of the Mill Pond comes to its third meeting in front of the City council. The article highlighted the plans for the project, the new scale of the buildings, and access to waterfront. As always, community input is encouraged as this project progresses. (As mentioned by Wes Tator)
  • WEBA VALUES – We as a community group have posted in our FB as well as Instagram regarding the recent allegations brought up about STREET/STREETZA/bBar. In response, we solidified our core values to reflect our beliefs for a safe, tolerant workplace for all. Our core beliefs can be found here.
  1. Please read and review so we may add to them/vote on them at our September meeting. If anyone has any interest in furthering their education on this subject, please see the NH Dept of Labor, Law Seminars (Only for Spring of 2019).
  • WESTIVAL PLANNING – The date for WESTIVAL 2018 is Saturday, September 29th from 11-3 pm at the Malthouse Exchange. Our theme for the year is West End Carnival. As you’re starting to plan how your business can participate let’s get creative! We’re thinking dunk tank, speed pitch, and more!
  1. We are cranking on finding donors, so if you’re interested contact Erin Hayes. You can find a needs-based list attached, as well as a tiered sponsorship opportunity rubric.
This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your business, meet tons of West End residents and tourists and spread the message about what your business has to offer.
~ Have a great idea for the Westival Carnival? Submit it here!
WEBA is partnering with Sustainable Seacoast to work on eliminating excess waste/positively impacting our Westival! This year, we are promoting BYOC: Bring Your Own Cup. Our beverage station, hosted by White Heron Tea and Sustainable Seacoast will provide free iced tea and water to all patrons who BYOC. Beverages will be a 1$ donation if they don’t BYOC, served in a compostable cup. We strive to be a straw-free, Styrofoam free, and plastic bottle-free event! Please help us in promoting this mentality during the Westival!
In response to the discussion about hosting small business-related speakers, I am pleased to announce that WEBA will be hosting Warren Daniel, the Seacoast Regional Director of the New Hampshire Small Business Development Center during our October 9th meeting. He will be speaking about resources available to small businesses, seminars and private coaching that they offer, as well as other Seacoast NH focused topics. Donation suggested upon attendance.
Please join us at next month’s meet-up:
Tuesday, September 11th at 8 am at White Heron Tea.
Sara Curry
Steering Committee

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